Farmer testimonials
Mr Ghanshyam bhai
Rajapara Bhavnagar
I am a vegetable cultivator since last 26years. I cultivate multiple vegetables like Snake Gourd, Brinjal (Eggplant), Okra (Lady finger), Tomato, etc. I had initially used florigen on Snake Gourd. My Yield increased from 6 tonnes to 12 tonnes. After seeing the result I started using Florigen in all my vegetables and have got fantastic results.
Mr. Bhagvanbhai
I am a farmer from last 30 years growing chickpeas (Chana). Every year a lot of my plants were destroyed due to fungal infection. I tried various products over the years available in the market but it did not help. Finally a friend told me about Cumacin and I took a spray in my farm. To my surprise all my plants became healthy in 10 days and from there onwards I am regularly spraying Cumacin on my plants. I have now started using Florigen too and have got excellent increase in my produce. The quality and shine of Chickpea has fetched me additional money per Quintal. This is the highest yield i have seen in my life in the past 30 years and even my father does not believe this. From the additional yield I have got an opportunity to save extra money to provide better end needs for my children.