Florigen is an Organic plant flowering regulator which helps reduce the environmental stress on plants. It is absorbed by the plant tissues whereby it is broken down into naturally occurring compounds,
Cumacin is an Organic bactericide and fungicide which builds plants resistance against all pathologic fungi with special strength against the following genus - Alternaria,
Probiotic Range Of Products
Pro-biotic Bacteria Consortia is a consortia of many useful and farmer friendly microbes which are cultivated in labs in a highly controlled environment and then put together to form the consortia.
Pesticon is a bio pesticide which is a recent addition to the Krishna Agro range of products. It is highly effective on pests like thrips, mites (spider mites and thread footed mites), and white fly.
Florigen Indoor
Florigen Indoor is a low concentration pouch of our revolutionary products which can be mixed with one litre of water and sprayed on upto 50 indoor plants. It is highly effective on Tulsi,