Pro-biotic Bacteria Consortia is a consortia of many useful and farmer friendly microbes which are cultivated in labs in a highly controlled environment and then put together to form the consortia. Our company has developed agricultural inputs using this consortia. Every microbe in the consortia has a special purpose such as breaking of soil elements and phosphorus which are in complex form which the plant is unable to absorb and utilize into simpler form which can be easily absorbed by plants enhancing the plants internal activities to generate more energy thereby increasing the plants metabolism, plant growth & increases resistance to plant diseases. It converts D-form amino acids to L-Form which are simpler. These L-Form amino acids are essential requirement of vegetative growth of plant. This consortia also revitalizes the soil and help decompose organic matter. The microbes in the consortia are bio-degradable thereby cannot harm the soil, it also increases the humus matter in the soil and thereby increasing the soil buffering properties. The microbes chelates the metal ions available in the soil thereby increasing their availability to the plant. The Pro-biotic bacteria consortia is completely organic and is rightly called the technology of the future.
FATAK - 15 is a root growth promoter consisting of various naturally occurring acids forming a homogenous mixture with the pro-biotic bacteria consortia. When applied to the plant using drip irrigation or normal drenching in the soil around the plants it will stimulate the growth of white roots thereby increasing the root density and will increase root respiration. Both these phenomenon will improve plants capability to absorb the abundant nutrients from the soil. It helps reduce the amount of fertilizer required and also helps to retain the soil fertility by reconditioning the soil. It will indirectly strengthen the roots overall grip thereby helping the plant to increase apical dominance without falling apart as roots are the very foundation on which the plant stands. 2-3ml Fatak-15 per litre of water to be given via drenching or drip irrigation. Repeat every 7-10 days for best result.
TABARTOD is a plant growth promoter consisting of naturally occurring acids and proteins which are responsible for plant growth in a Pro-biotic bacteria consortia. It increases the rate of cell division from root to tip, stimulates plant enzymes, accelerates cell elongation so as to ensure the overall vegetative growth of the plant. It also provides essential amino acids in the form of simple proteins which are absorbed by the plant resulting in increase size of leaves, buds, flowers and fruits. It will also reduce premature aging of the leaves and branches. It will ensure better quality and better yield of the farm produce. 2m-3ml of Tabartod can be mixed with 1litre water to create an effective solution. For best results take spray during morning hours (if foliar) and avoid spraying in cloudy weather. Repeat the same procedure every 7-10 days.
JHATAK is a plant growth promoter which stimulates the vegetative growth of the plant. It mainly consist of many amino acids responsible for apical dominance (i.e. the main central stem growth is dominant over the growth of other branches, leaves, roots) in a Pro-biotic bacteria consortia. The benefit of microbes present are that the amino acids are broken down into simpler form which can easily be absorbed and utilized by the plants helping it increase the growth. It stimulates cell elongation which will further increase plant growth. It doesn’t result in force growth but only pushes the plant to its optimum level. It has nominal amount of essential nutrients which are mainly found in seaweed extract and is a more effective alternative to seaweed extract solution. For best results a foliar application of 2-3ml of Jhatak mixed with 1litre water sprayed during morning hours. Avoid sprays in cloudy weather and repeat the procedure every 7-10 days.
Xtremicide is an organic herbicide developed using special herbs in pro-biotic bacteria base. Xtremicide is a contact cum systemic herbicide with an extremely rapid action on the target. It slows down the metabolism of the target plant and eventually kills it. Some results can be observed within 2-3 hours of the spray (black lines and spots on the leaves, yellowing of the plant, etc.) and the target plant is completely killed within a span of 5-7 days. Xtremicide has to be sprayed in early morning on a clear day. Xtremicide has shown great results in various species of unwanted herbs. In some cases it has been observed where Xtremicide was feed to the soil using drenching no new weed growth was observed for upto 3 months after the application. This product will help farmer kill weed efficiently and in a hassle free way. Since the product is 100% organic it doesn’t have ill effects on the health of the sprayer. As herbicide is a highly competitive market in the country, Xtremicide has been priced in balance with the commonly known chemical herbicides available in the market. For best results Xtremicide should be used with an Organic Surfactant and sprayed using misty nozzle ensuring that the target weeds/plants are properly covered.
Compostrix is a consortia of micro organisms which help in degradation of organic plant matter, press mud and other organic waste (shredded) into useful organic manure. Compostrix is made of carefully selected micro organisms which exhibit faster decaying of the organic matter. Press Mud can be completely composted in 15 days with other organic matter taking anywhere from 30-45 days for complete composting. The smell of end product of press mud after composting is the same as that of upper layer of soils. It is an excellent product for the sugar industry and also for other agriculture processors to convert their agriculture waste into something beneficial. Farmers can also use the product to convert their farm waste into organic manure to be used in the farm itself. It can also be used by smaller nurseries, nature enthusiast, people with personal farms & garden for composting of fallen plant leaves and branches (shredded) into useful bio-fertilizer. 1 litre of Compostrix is useful to compost almost 1 tonne plant leaves.