Pesticon is a bio pesticide which is a recent addition to the Krishna Agro range of products. It is highly effective on pests like thrips, mites (spider mites and thread footed mites), and white fly. Pesticon consist of various plant herbs which exhibits properties such as repellence, anti-feedant, stomach poison, insect growth regulation, and oviposition deterrent. These properties combined act as a preventive as well as curative action against insects/pests. The results can be seen in 48-72 hours. For best results it should be used as a preventive spray with intervals of 7-10 days with the sprays taken in morning hours. During the foliar application of this product one must ensure the leaves have been covered from both upper and lower sides. Pesticon being organic will not harm the health of the sprayer. The product when used in conjunction with a organic surfactant has given more effective results and control on the insects. Spraying of Pesticon should be avoided during cloudy weather as rains within 24 hours of the spray will require re-spraying. One can mix 2-3ml of Pesticon with a litre of water to prepare the solution.