Crops Classification
  • Increasing size of grains
  • Increasing canopy of plant
  • Increase shining of grains
  • Time of use :
  • 1st spray can be used after 30 days of plant
  • 2nd spray should be taken during flowering stage
  • Last spray 30 before plant removal from farm
  • During this stage all nutrition will be sucked and giving nutrition to the seeds

  • It can be used during seeding
  • Use 10 ml per 40kgs of seed
  • It prevent almost all kind of infection
  • Like 1 grains are becoming brownish black
  • 2 yellowing of plant
  • Florigen cumacin treatment can increase quality and quantity of grains

  • It is increasing chain of grains
  • Size of grains is increased
  • Canopy of plant is increased

  • It prevent almost all kind of fungal infection in to rice
  • Like 1 yellowing of plants
  • 2 infected grains are with very poor quality
  • We can improve quality and quantity of grains
  • Rice timeof use
  • 1st spray can be given after 30 days of age
  • 2nd spray can be taken at the flowering stage
  • Last spray 1 month before plant is removed

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